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Reviews of Swamp Duck

A man who claimed to be Joe Brown’s bassist....

 Welcome to the wonderful world of Swamp Duck

Swamp Duck Music

Swamp Duck landed in the city of Canterbury, Kent in 2007 and began their own brand of duck ‘n’ roll.

The band has diverse influences including rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll, surf, classical, folk, jazz, and blues. It is guitar-led music that pays tribute to the musical geniuses who have helped evolve our love of listening to, playing, and performing fun songs to anyone who will listen; and to quite a few who would rather not. During live performances, four musicians duck out from the Swamp Duck shadows to jump about, knock things over and have fun before retiring back to the Swamp Duck Nursing Home – leaving audiences trying to decide ‘which one is the carer?

Swamp Duck the band consist of:

Hank Weedon - electric guitar

Kent Quake - vocals and acoustic guitar

Snave Dave - bass

Taking the back seat on the drum stool we have a job share between

Doobie Ware – drums and percussion

Trev the Rug – drums and percussion

Masters of the fine art of drumming and both so tolerant that they can withstand any number of Hank’s drummer jokes. Again. And again. And again…

Quack of Dawn